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Forums » Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos » Attractions in Da Nang, Quang Nam, Vietnam


Attractions in Da Nang, Quang Nam, Vietnam

by vantuyenhuynh »

Da Nang city is worth living in Vietnam, always attractive destinations for every holiday occasion visitors each.

Hai Van pass 20 km long, with a height of nearly 500 m above sea level, this is a rugged mountain pass roads but offers great views. The scenic coast from the Summit of the pass is a great experience with anyone.

My Khe Beach Danang was Forbes (USA) voted one of the sexiest beaches 6 planets. With blue, white sand stretches of coastline and stunning natural scenery, this place can gratify any annoying tourists. 

Located in the city centre of Danang 10 km to the Northeast, Son Tra peninsula as Danang's jewel to the Son Tra peninsula, visitors can experience many feelings from up to down forests with diverse flora and fauna. In particular there is Linh Ung pagoda is one of the most beautiful temples of Da Nang.

Ran Nam O is a relatively new destination in Danang, in North District, Hoa Hiep Ward, Lien Chieu. This place, as long as the width of 2 ha, divided into two clusters shatter and The reef.

BA NA Hills is the destination not to be missed by visitors when arriving Da Nang. Ba Na City Centre about 25 km, with space in the clean, quiet, cool and unique architecture. Here you will feel like you're lost between Europe.

Central Da Nang City, about 8 km southeast of the marble, owner of the beauty of the sea, the sky, the convergence of love with the history, culture, values and spirituality. Five of six limestone mountain knob on a coastal sand with the name Kim Son, Moc Son, Thuy Son and Hoa Son (with 2 tops) and Tho Son. 

Was dubbed the "city of light", when the bridges, buildings, residential lights of Danang, bringing up other colors, vibrant, exciting. Love the beautiful scenery of this tourist city, you must not forget the brilliant setting, dreaming of at the city lights up. 

Romantic lines, increasingly as rapprochement because of the appearance of the bridge points. Each is a work of art, with the unique and diverse architecture. 

Statham in the only Township of Phu (Karuna, Quang Nam), located about 70 km from Danang Where it lies in a Valley about 2 km in diameter, surrounded by mountains and hills. Statham was recognized by UNESCO as world cultural heritage since 1999. 

Located approximately 30 km from Danang, Hoi An ancient town is not to be missed for the visitors to visit Danang. Not only owns the value of culture, diverse architecture, Hoi An still kept a non-object cultural background quite voluminous tourist attractions to explore.

Myson way Hoi An (Quang Nam) nearly 20 nautical miles to the East. Besides exploring the majestic beauty of the forest and mountains so green sea CU Lao Cham to, visitors can join coral diving activities, enjoy fresh seafood ...

The village first frescoes in Vietnam is located in Tan Thanh, Quang Nam province. Under the hand of the Korean artists, more than 100 houses of coastal fishing village was cloaked the colourful new shirt. This place has become exciting destination for tourists.

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