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by sllew »

We are planning to travel to Scandinavia the last two weeks of July.   We plan to fly into Helsinki and out of Oslo from US.  We plan  to visit Helsinki, Finland; Stockholm, Sweden; Oslo and fjords in Norway.  We plan to either drive or travel by train & boat.   Yes, the cost of fuel is 2x that in US.  Any suggestions?

We visit museums, castles and other historic sites.  Any unusual ones?  Are there any national parks?  

Should we include a trip to Tallin, Estonia while in  Helsinki?  From Helsinki we plan to take the overnight ferry to Stockholm.

Besides Stockholm, what are other must-sees in Sweden?  

In Norway, we plan to visit Oslo and see the fjords.  I have read the post on Hurtigren line and it sounds interesting.  I have never been on a huge cruise ship and don't care for them.  We have been on the Alaska Marine Ferry on overnight trip in Alaska.   How far in advance do we have to book for Hurtigren?

Any other must-sees in Norway?




RE: Scandinavia

by rwhansen »

I suggest that before you make any flight plans to Scandinavia, you first research in detail, your transportation within the area.  From your post, you would like to cover a lot of ground in two weeks and would spend a lot of time on the road between destinations.

Several years ago, we went through this exercise, mapping driving routes using the ViaMichelin web site and checking on public transportation schedules.  If driving, the distances between the major cities is great with not a lot in between to see, other than the fabulous scenery.  You also have a potential problem with auto dropoff charges.  We also looked at a Baltic cruise, but except for stops in the major cities, you get very little exposure to the countryside. We concluded that our best option was to take a land tour.  Friends had taken The Scandinavian tour offered by Globus and recommended it highly.

That Globus tour begins in Copenhaven, so you see parts of Denmark, but does not include Helsinki or Tallin.  You do spend a lot of time on the motor coach between stops, but that is more enjoyable than if you were to drive.  The scenery in Norway is breathtaking and we were taken into areas that we would not have experienced had we driven.  It also includes sailing through fjords.

Several years later, we took the Grand Circle river cruise from Moscow to St. Petersburg, with their extension to Tallin and Helsinki.  We feel that we have covered the Baltic area quite well, given the constraints of time and funding.  Whatever you end up doing, do not miss Tallin, either on this trip or another.  Prior to our trip, I would not have considered Tallin as an end destination, but certainly would consider it now.  The ferry between Helsinki and Tallin was very convenient and we have friends who have taken it both ways on our recommendation.

Scandinavia is a wonderful, interestiing and scenic area to visit.  You will enjoy your trip, but do plan your transportation carefully.

Lyn T

RE: Scandinavia

by Lyn T »

I would concentrate on one area  if you only have 2 wks could spend a week  in Norway just hitting some of the highlights

do some more research before you book your trip



RE: Scandinavia

by paweber »

For Norway bring LOTS of money. Oslo is one of the - if not the - most expensive cities on the planet these days.


RE: Scandinavia

by DemetriceCanton »

Well thanks for informing. YES Oslo is quite expensive nowadays so you better bring a lot of cash with you on hand. As for the Finland thing, I bet you try to visit Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort. For sure you will love the place since I've been there myself and I love the whole experience in general.


RE: Scandinavia

by EugenijusA »

I think your decision is very good. This years i decided to visit Scandinavia too. I think this region  is amazing, very beautiful, people are very friendly and helpful, for this reason i think is the best place to spend holidays. When i'm travelling i always choose this site: So you can check this site and maybe it will be useful for you to :) Good luck and good time in your vacation!