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Forums » General & Multi-Country » Yoga Retreat in Asia


Yoga Retreat in Asia

by Annaj1988 »

A friend is looking for a yoga retreat in Asia. 

She will be off for two months to Bali and then to India. 

She is travelling alone so I am not sure which country to recommend her for the best yoga retreat. 

Can anyone suggest what's the best one?

RE: Yoga Retreat in Asia

by PeterKnight »

I am not a yoga follower but there are some great retreats in Haridwar/ Rishikesh in Northern India. There are some good ones in Kerala too. Google search.


RE: Yoga Retreat in Asia

by bestcontent »

Thank you for posting.I want to know more details about this yoga class.Please provide full details about.I know yoga is very good for our health and mind.

RE: Yoga Retreat in Asia

by patrickjake »

My daughter and I stayed at Purna yoga retreat for 7 nights and thoroughly enjoyed it. the retreat is in a beautiful location with a stunning view of the lake, just 20 min walk from Pokhara (note :it is a steep path ). Our favorites were the sound meditation with the singing bowls and the evening yoga classes with Kus and Manohar .staff were very friendly and helpful.we loved every minute of it. I think you should go for it.