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Forums » Air Travel » In search of JFK parking without drama


In search of JFK parking without drama

by pdhenry »

I'm planning a European trip in late spring so I've begun looking into options for parking at JFK airport. The options broadly break down into long-term parking on Port Authority property which runs $18 per day, or off-airport parking for various prices around $12 or $13 per day.  But some of the online reviews for the off-airport places are pretty scary!  Travelers have returned to find manymiles added to their car, collision damage (cars sidewiped or having broken bumpers) and the company refusing to accept liability, or being turned away on arrival because the lot was overfull despite having paid a deposit for a parking reservation.  Over a two-week trip the difference between Port Authority parking and a private lot can approach $100 but allowing lot employees to move your car repeatedly in your absence risks damage that could cost more than any savings.

Am I missing a middle ground?  At JFK airport is there a reasonable alternative to $18 airport parking where your car keys remain in your possession and the car isn't moved in your absence?