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Forums » Road Trips » Favorite Foreign Road Trips Over the Years


Favorite Foreign Road Trips Over the Years

by billiv »

Over the past 40 years, we've made many road trips in North America and Europe.  Excluding those in our own country (USA), my favorites:

1. Spanish and French Pyrenees and northeastern Spain from Bilbao to Barcelona, 2014.

2. Germany: Bamberg--Munich--Mosel River, 2002.

3. Austrian Alps and northeastern Switzerland (Salzburg to Zurich), 2011,

4. BENELUX (Amsterdam--Cologne--Luxembourg--Bruges--Delft--Amsterdam), 2006.

5. Canadian Rockies: Edmonton--Jasper--Banff--Calgary, 2008,


RE: Favorite Foreign Road Trips Over the Years

by breakingaway »


I Am a cycling trip lover. 


well, We had visited many places like Bicycle Vacations Europe, Spain, California, French Alps cycling tourscycling tours slovenia.

Mess-memorizing trips and the best thing about these trips are the marvelous wine and fish. Ahhh!!!

One should go for Self-guided bike tours. Amazing experience.. 


Keep sharing :) :)