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Strolling around sidewalk market in Yangon, Myanmar

by brianvu »

In addition to the famous Bogyoke market, there are many other markets in Yangon which take place right on the sidewalk.   Visiting to these markets, you will smell the fragrance of jasmine from women with wreaths on their wrist. You could also smell the flavor of meat, fish and chicken. Like other markets, sidewalk market in Yangon provide all kinds of goods from eggs, cheese to thanaka cream – a kind of sunscreen that women often apply on their face.   Streets with fragrant jasmine   Along streets with fragrant jasmine is the sight of the locals sitting everywhere. Besides them can be sacks full of rice, plastic bowls or bamboo baskets containing carrots, tomatoes and other vegetables.     In the distance, you may encounter fish stalls with a pile of fish on banana leaves. You could also observe stalls selling turmeric with bright yellow.   Cultural beauty of sidewalk markets in Yangon   At these sidewalk markets, there are not only businessmen, sellers but also a lot of customers at all ages.    If you observe from the distance, you may feel that the market is so bustling but once you experience you will quickly discover the rustic beauty of the region.       Are you ready for a trip in Yangon, please see

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