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Forums » Mongolia » Nobushi balancing ideas - in depth writeup, please contribute


Nobushi balancing ideas - in depth writeup, please contribute

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So, after a lot of hours with Nobushi, some with Raider, Kensei, Orochi, i would say i have a firmly strong grasp of her - and i do really love how she plays. Anyway, i do not see her in top tier right now. This being the cause, I want to come up with a few changes that would very likely improve the experience of playing her without making her op, and some that might indeed boost her.

So i will mark my suggestions with "fix" - what in my opinion could be like "no brainers" that are very unlikely to make her overpowered or incredibly strong, with "mild buff" for stuff that she might profit from, and with "buff" for stuff that might really boost her in serious ways. 



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