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Forums » General » Travel Advice – Things You Would Better Know About Vietnam Entry Requirements


Travel Advice – Things You Would Better Know About Vietnam Entry Requirements

by hacezigu »

All countries including Vietnam have the authorities to responsible for establishing and enforcing the entry rules. In case you have a plan to visit a country without knowing anything about its entry requirements, you need to come to the nearest Embassy or Consulates in your place.

In order to ensure that your passport and other documents suit their requirements, you should check over your original passport and required papers on your own, or if you hire a travel agent to make your Vietnam visa application, you can ask them to check these documents carefully.

Relevant documents

If travelers want to stay less than one month, they can apply for an online visa, such as visa on arrival or e-visa. These types of visa may have some disadvantages of extending travelers’ visit. So that visitors who are likely to change their travel plans should obtain Vietnam visa at the Embassy to prevent from any difficulty of visa extension.

Those people who want to lengthen their trips more than one month are suggested to get an Embassy visa before boarding a plane.

Travelers can apply for Vietnam multiple-entry visa if they plan to have multiple visits. In case they want to make a second visit in one month after the leaving day, they should make an application to get Vietnam visa in advance or e-visa to enter again.

Also, for individual countries, Vietnam government has the visa extension policy. You would better check should check the list of qualified countries for this policy whether your country is listed or not. The application of visa extension could be processed at the Embassy.

Each visa type has its own requirements and validity, your duration of stay cannot be over from the date you make an entry. Your overstaying visa with no authority can be a significant problem. Your visit may be held off until a fine is paid.

Visa On Arrival and visa at the Embassy are different from each other in accepting visas at entrance gates. Embassy visa can be used for all means of transport; it means you can apply for this visa at airport, seaport and land border. Visa On Arrival is apply for travelers traveling by airplane.

Passport validity

Your passport should have at least 6 months of validity from the date that you get into Vietnam, not from the date you apply for Vietnam visa.

In some cases, there can be several travelers are denied entrance caused by their damaged passport. Be certain that your passport and relevant documents are in good shape as being denied entrance can lead to considerable cost and having to stay long at the airport.

For those who want to know more about getting a visa to Vietnam, you can visit