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Forums » General » Corporate Booking Technology: New Tools to Come

YYZ Travel Group

Corporate Booking Technology: New Tools to Come

by YYZ Travel Group »

The corporate travel industry is known to embrace new technologies faster than the leisure sector. The reason is its openness to artificial intelligence tools that can not only reduce the travel demands of employees but also save companies money on corporate travel. Moreover, adopting new technologies shows a company’s employees its willingness to invest and to keep up with the times.

Today some of most innovative products are made by Serko, which has recently launched a new travel booking tool, called Zeno. It has already gained the affection of numerous companies in Australia and New Zealand. Sixty percent of businesses in these countries have already tried Zeno and remain loyal to it. What’s more, some of the world’s largest travel management enterprises (like BCD Travel, American Express Global Business Travel, Carlson Wagonlit Travel, and Hogg Robinson Group) all resell this Serko tool to their clients in the Asian Pacific.

The launch of a new product would have a great influence at a regional level, and would be useful for a lot of companies that are already using this tool.

So it is of regional significance that Serko plans to unveil a fresh travel-and-expense management platform with artificial intelligence (AI) baked in.

In July 2017, Serko will be launching its new release, a business online booking interface as an option for their program that has already gained in popularity among corporate users. New options include interpreting speech queries and easier self-managed travel bookings.

Testing on this new version of the mobile app has been going on since September. The app, which will be available for iPhone and Android users, is designed to simplify travel tasks for corporate travelers. With the app on your phone, the speed of the booking is promised to be faster, and the process itself easier to organize.

Moreover, Zeno analyzes the strategy and behavior of clients’ bookings, so the app is able to suggest flight and hotel recommendations that are likely to coincide with traveler’s habits and the philosophy of his/her company.






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RE: Corporate Booking Technology: New Tools to Come

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RE: Corporate Booking Technology: New Tools to Come

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