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Forums » General & Multi-Country » Best forum for multi-country trips in Europe?


Best forum for multi-country trips in Europe?

by albertalley »

Not sure this is really a Support forum topic, but here goes.   I've noticed in the last week or so an increased number of posts on the UK, England and London forums that cover other countries as well - eg in the style of "how should I split my time between London, Paris & Rome" or " I want to visit England, Switzerland & Croatia - how do I do it" as made-up examples. Some disappear, presumably judged as on the wrong forum, others attract a few answers.   Given these aren't usually road trips or train trips these posts don't belong on those forums. Air travel doesn't seem to cover it either. Is there a good place for them that I've missed or does TA need a new forum.       For more:    

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RE: Best forum for multi-country trips in Europe?

by supplyservice »

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